Who do I meet at the event?

Simply log in to the Pitch & Match system – following the above link – and find your potential meeting candidate under the ATTENDEES tab.
Here you can search for people or companies using the keyword text box or using the more advanced search options.
Once you find the person, you want to meet, you can see their availability and mutually suggest a meeting in one of the many 30-minute timeslots.
When you request a meeting, a meeting table can be automatically assigned to you to use (using the “Automatic meeting room reservation” option) or you can propose your own location for the meeting.
If you propose your own location, you can either select one of the 3 Meeting Points available or, using the text field available, suggest a more suitable place.
Your Agenda will help you locate where you need to be.
You can also suggest a different location to a meeting table by typing in details of where to meet (just be specific to ensure the other person can find you).